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11 Fashion Essentials Every 20-Something Should Own

Your twenties is a time when you're getting your life together. You are finishing school, moving out of your parents' house and really starting to stand on your own two feet. But a career and financial stability aren't the only things you're building -- you're also building your wardrobe. While it may seem like a trivial concept, there are a few items that every 20-something should have in their closet to help move her through this trying decade

As a young adult, a graphic tee and denim shorts just isn't going to cut it. And instead of buying strictly cheap, mass-market items (think Forever 21) that wear out quickly, you should invest in pieces that will last years and bring you one step closer to looking like a grown-up.

Behold, the 11 items that should be in every 20-year-old's closet:

1. A nice bra. That means one that has been fitted to your body and won't fall apart in the washing machine. If you've ever made the investment, then you know a high-quality bra makes all the difference and can totally change the way your clothes fit.

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2. A tote. Not a free one you got when you were out shopping, but a nice one you bought.


3. A black blazer. This is something you should spend money on. Though it's tempting to go to a high-street store and get a cheap one, this blazer, if taken care of properly, can see you well into your thirties. It will also make you look the part at an important interview.

4. Nice pajamas. In your twenties you spend a lot of time in bed (and not necessarily by yourself), so why not wear pretty, high-quality sleepwear that isn't a ratty t-shirt and boxers?

5. A good planner. Yes, we all have iPhones. But writing things down in a planner can feel more permanent, and it's a great way to avoid being a total mess.

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6. A pair of sensible heels. (Aka ones you can actually walk in.)

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7. A great white T-shirt. Sans rips, or stains or logos. And for the love of God, it should not be cropped.

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8. A LBD. One that makes you feel good no matter what.

9. A hairbrush. You might have breezed through your teens sans comb, but believe it or not, that bedhead look isn't always appropriate.

10. Nice sunglasses. They will make you look and feel like a grown-up. Plus, expensive sunglasses actually protect your eyes from the sun. Novel concept, right?

11. The perfect moisturizer. One that does the job and doesn't make you break out.

And on that note:

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Items we will and won't splurge on:

Splurge Or Save?
Splurge Or Save?

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