09/25/2013 12:49 pm ET

HAIM's 'Days Are Gone' Album Available For Streaming On NPR

The debut album from sister trio HAIM hits stores this week, introducing music fans to the spunky sound of Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim. Called "Days Are Gone," the album is streaming in full over at NPR, offering a listen to the 11-track record. The album has been years in the making, with the sisters waiting until they were happy with the finished product -- and their place in the music industry -- before releasing it.

"It took a lot of strength for us to say we wanted to wait," Alana said in an interview with Rolling Stone. "People dangle a lot of stuff in front of you ... there were times where we were like, 'Shit, we should just put it out already.'"

Take a listen to "The Wire," the latest single off of "Days Are Gone," above, and head over to NPR to hear the full album.