09/25/2013 05:07 am ET

'Lucky 7' Premiere: Winning The Lottery Could Be The Worst Thing That's Happened To Them (VIDEO)

Mo' money, mo' problems. But for the cast of "Lucky 7," many of those problems existed before these gas station employees hit it big by winning a $145 million lottery jackpot. Now, they're in the public eye, and that's exactly where several of them don't want to be. Specifically, brothers Matt and Nicky.

While everyone in the cast was strapped for cash, these two decided to risk everything by robbing the gas station they worked at the night of the big lottery drawing. Their boss, Bob, took a blow to the head in the robbery, and now the cops are looking at the brothers with suspicion while the world is looking at them as new millionaires. What a difference a day makes.

There are surely more secrets to come to light with this group of coworkers -- and the one poor guy who'd opted out of "wasting" his money on the weekly lottery pool, thus missing out on the winnings. Also missing is any depth to most of these characters, and thus a compelling reason to root for them. After an hour, it's a shame that most of them are still virtual blank slates.

IGN's Matt Fowler wasn't impressed at all with the premiere. "Welcome to ABC's new lotto-tastic dramedy, ‘Lucky 7’ -- an ensemble series so riddled with cringe-worthy cliches that it would never stand a chance of surviving on its own if it weren't debuting on the same night and network as 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,'" he wrote.

Over at Buddy TV, Morgan Glennon seemed to agree, saying that "you're only lucky if you skip this new drama.” She went on to explain that "the problem with ‘Lucky 7’ isn't with the unoriginal premise, but with the characters who populate the show. As the pilot comes to a close, most of the characters remain one-dimensional stereotypes … With seven characters to establish in just the first hour, there's barely enough time to make each character memorable.”

Will you take a chance on "Lucky 7"? Come back for more drama and tension every Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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