09/25/2013 09:10 am ET Updated Sep 26, 2013

Unemployed Oregon Man Finds Two $100 Bills In Boxes Of Walmart Cookies (VIDEO)

An unemployed Oregon man got an extra sweet surprise after purchasing a box of cookies from Walmart last weekend.

Phil, whose last name has not been reported, told KPTV that he discovered a $100 bill in the package of snickerdoodles he brought home on Saturday.

Upon returning to the store, he found another $100 bill in one of the three remaining boxes of cookies. When he tried to return the cash, Walmart's management told him to keep the money and said they suspect it was left by a Good Samaritan for someone who might need a break.

"Times are really hard for me for a number of reasons," Phil told KPTV, "and it really comes at an opportune time for us."

His message to the anonymous donor: "I hope someday to be able to do what you did."

During the Christmas season, Walmart sees examples of such anonymous kindness around the country. 'Layaway Secret Santas' donate cash to cover the remaining balances of customers who put Christmas presents on layaway.



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