09/25/2013 05:06 am ET Updated Sep 25, 2013

'The Goldbergs' Premiere: Were The '80s Really This Loud? (VIDEO)

It's the '80s all over again with the ABC premiere of "The Goldbergs." With a heavy nod to "The Wonder Years," this new sitcom takes a fond look back at the decade of excess and big hair. At the center of the action is the youngest sibling, Adam. With his trusty camcorder, he's chronicling the exploits of his family -- don't worry, it's not a found-footage project -- and those exploits involve a lot of yelling.

Jeff Garlin plays the father, Murray, who's constantly in his underwear and only seems to communicate at the top of his lungs. His wife Beverly, played by Wendi McLendon-Covey isn't much quieter as an overbearing mother. Add to that a couple of teenagers, and you've got a recipe for ear-piercing screaming at every moment. Sometimes on the front lawn, where the neighbors can gawk!

The pilot was all about the cycle of driving, with middle child Barry turning 16, while Grandpa Albert (George Segal) is reaching the point in his life where it's probably time to give up the keys. Both of these transitions come with a lot of arguing and yelling, because that's what "The Goldbergs" is apparently all about.

Critics seemed mixed over the tone of the pilot. E! Online's Tiierney Bricker loved it, saying that she wanted the family to adopt her, but Buddy TV's Jeff Dodge thought the premiere was all gimmick and no substance.

Over at, Tim Surette had a problem with the pilot's tone -- or maybe it was the volume. "DO YOU FIND FAMILIES SCREAMING AT EACH OTHER FUNNY!?" he wrote [all caps are his]. "THEN YOU PROBABLY LOVED ABC'S NEW COMEDY 'The Goldbergs!' The '80s-set family sitcom may not be one of the best new laughers of the new fall season, but it's certainly one of the loudest." Still, loud or not, Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter noted that "The Goldbergs" is one of the few new comedies this season that still manages to deliver laughs.

Pick up some earplugs before returning for "The Goldbergs," Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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