09/26/2013 12:13 pm ET Updated Sep 26, 2013

D-Day Vet Helped Brad Pitt With Film But Didn't Know Who The Star Was

World War II veterans have seen a lot: the dawn of color TV, the creation of the polio vaccine, the resignation of Richard Nixon. But when it comes to the work of one of the world's most famous movie stars? Well, that's a different story.

Indeed when British D-Day veteran Peter Comfort, 90, was personally invited to a World War II film set by actor Brad Pitt, Comfort had to look him up online because he had no idea who the superstar was. Pitt had wanted to meet with Comfort in order to discuss his latest action film "Fury" in which Pitt plays an American soldier fighting Nazi Germany at the end of the war.

"Mr. Pitt was very friendly and charming actually, but I didn't know who he was," the veteran told the Daily Mail. "I said to him 'Until last night I didn't have a clue who you were and then I Googled you and you've been in quite a lot of films'."

Apparently, Comfort's admission had everyone on the set laughing, including Pitt.

In the film, Pitt plays the commander of an amphibious Sherman tank, something Comfort is very familiar with as the last survivor of a World War II Sherman tank regiment. The film is being shot just outside London in Hertfordshire.

The film crew "wanted to know where we slept, where we spent a penny, the living conditions and what it was like in action, so I told them," Comfort told the Daily Mail. "I don't like to talk about it because I saw too many people killed but Mr. Pitt was very nice and I will be interested to see the film."

Comfort, a grandfather of six, has been invited to attend the British premiere of "Fury" in November of next year.

Pitt, who turns 50 in December, is a Golden Globe-winning actor known for such roles as Tyler Durden in "Fight Club" and Rusty Ryan in "Ocean's Eleven."

Certainly he's not the only actor who hasn't been recognized.

Last year, artist Ellen Grossman found herself sitting next to Jay-Z on the subway. She didn't recognize him, asking "are you famous?" when she noticed everyone staring at him.



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