09/26/2013 04:41 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Christopher Philmon Wrote About Eating Humans, Confessed To Killing Uncle: Cops


A Texas man who posted that he wanted to eat human flesh on Facebook is charged with murdering his uncle.

Christopher Philmon, 22, turned himself in to Houston police Monday, The Orange Leader reported, allegedly telling officers that he stabbed his uncle, 50-year-old Roy James Philmon. The uncle's body was found earlier that day in Christopher Philmon's home, according to KBMT.

In an unrelated incident, Christopher Philmon is also charged with kidnapping his girlfriend some time after the murder, according to KDFM.

On Sept. 20, Philmon posted a status message on Facebook that said, "One day I will eat human and finally find out if it really tastes like pork."


His mother, Lynette Philmon, told 12 News that if her son stabbed his uncle, it could have been the result of a schizophrenic episode.

"They had a really good relationship so I don't know why he would hurt him," the mother said of Christopher and Roy Philmon. "But when he is in that state he hears voices and voices tell him stuff."

Lynette Philmon added that Christopher was waiting for Social Security disability to help him afford medication.

"If Chris had that medication, if he had that option, then he probably wouldn't have lost his temper and went off the way that they did," she told KDFM.



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