09/26/2013 09:47 am ET Updated Sep 26, 2013

The Most Pretentious Ways To Make Coffee At Home (PHOTOS)

It used to be that a coffee maker was just a coffee maker: Multi-cup pot, filter, water, coffee grains. If you had $40 and a nearby department store, all of your caffeine-feind dreams could come true.

But today, things are a bit different. Bugatti makes coffee machines. There are ones that look like a chemistry lab, and ones that cost a small (or large) fortune. The simple world of coffee makers is no longer -- and though some of us think spending would rather spend our life savings on something other than a coffee maker, we all have that friend who likes to argue that the top-of-the-line anything really is 'worth it.' For the sake of that friend, we've found the 10 most pretentious ways to make coffee at home -- guaranteed to break your bank, and annoy everyone who just wants a classic cup of joe.

Most Pretentious Ways To Make Coffee

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