09/26/2013 07:48 pm ET

Kai The Baby Koala Gets Her Hands Bandaged After Rescue From Power Line (PHOTO)

Stop the presses, guys. We found the littlest baby koala with the tiniest and cutest bandages.

Little Kai was up in a tree in Australia's Hunter Valley when her mom lost the ability to use her right foot. They were both stuck, scared and very close to power lines.

But luckily help wasn't far away. According to a Facebook album of the rescue, a local koala preservation society called in about the trapped koalas, and Ausgrid, the Australian power company, sent in an overhead line crew get Kai and her mom down safely.

Both koalas made it to a veterinarian where they got the medical care they needed -- and cute bandages to boot.

Kai's mother hadn't been able to move because of a large wound on her right leg that turned out to be a tumor. Kai wasn't hurt during the rescue, but her hands were bandaged after getting blood tests done at the vet.

One order of koala adoption, please.

H/T: Daily Life



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