09/26/2013 07:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Cookie Box Donor' Identified: Portland Radio Station 98.7 The Bull Hides $100 BIlls In Cash Cow Giveaway (VIDEO)

The mysterious Good Samaritans who left $100 bills in boxes of Walmart cookies have been identified.

The team behind Portland's 98.7 The Bull radio station came forward and said that they've been planting the bills in conjunction with their Cash Cow giveaway, KPTV reports.

In addition to giving away $1,000 to call-in winners multiple times a day, the crew has been hiding cash in local groceries and retail stores where folks who could use a break might find them.

“It’s a secret how much we’re putting out each day and where, but we wanted to make it accessible to everyone and give everyone a chance to have just one more reason to smile,” the program's assistant director B-Dub told ABC.

Their scheme first began making headlines after a Salem man discovered two $100 bills in packages of snickerdoodles he purchased from Walmart last Saturday. Reports of several other findings surfaced this week until The Bull's team stepped up to claim responsibility.

The station plans to give away $20,000 or more over the next 6 weeks.

“We’re not taking credit for every hundred dollar bill that was hidden because people have been paying it forward,” B-Dub told ABC. “We’re doing this to pay it forward and do some good.”



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