09/26/2013 01:43 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Drawn To Comics: Princess Princess Makes All Your Queer Fairy Tale Fantasies Come True


For a long, long time I've loved Disney Princess movies. I've imagined myself being Belle or Ariel or Jasmine. But in my imagination it's always a She-Beast, Princess Erica or a street rat named Aliyah who I marry in the end. While I'm not holding my breath for Disney to have an actual lesbian princess movie, I never let that dream completely die and I'm always on the look out for a good princess story that has characters who I can relate to. Well, my dreams came true when I read Princess Princess, the wonderful webcomic by tumblr user strangelykatie. What starts off as a lesbian twist on a Rapunzel-like story soon turns into an adventure about standing up to bullies and forging your own path in life. Plus, it features two princesses who are super cute in their own distinct ways.

As the story starts, we see the all-too familiar scene of a princess shouting for help after she has been trapped in a tower. A rider approaches, saying that they have come to rescue the fair maiden. Our princess is not impressed. She's tired of fitting into the boring tropes that come with being a princess in a fairy tale. She says that none of the dozens of princes that have come and tried so far to rescue her have succeeded, so what makes this one different? That's when the rescuer steps off of their beautiful unicorn steed and announces in classic Éowyn style, "I am no prince!" Also, she has a grappling hook. This is our introduction to the very dapper Princess Amira.

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