09/26/2013 02:25 pm ET

The Kinks Reunion Has A 50/50 Chance Of Happening, Says Dave Davies


Famed British rock band The Kinks may be set for a reunion.

Formed in the '60s, the "Tired of Waiting for You" singers haven't released a full studio album since 1993. In the years since, amid turmoil, members of the band have pursued solo careers and a reunion has seemed highly unlikely.

Dave Davies, who led the band with his brother Ray Davies, recently spoke to Rolling Stone, hinting at the possibility of another go-around.

"I'd say the odds of that happening are 50/50," Dave told the publication. "The ball is very much in Ray's court."

Unfortunately, Ray seemed less enthused about getting back together with The Kinks when he spoke to The Independent in 2009. When asked if he would play with the band again, he said, "No, but I will continue to play with ex band members like [Kinks drummer] Mick Avory from time to time. With Dave, a lot of it is psychological. I'll guide him in, and coerce and nurture him, and when the time is right I suppose I'll even shout at him again."

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