09/27/2013 10:39 am ET

Bishop T.D. Jakes Gives Feuding Sisters A Reality Check (VIDEO)

Carrie and Casey are sisters who haven't spoken in six years because Carrie feels her sister betrayed her by emailing with her ex-boyfriend. Though Casey says it wasn't sexual, Carrie feels they crossed a line. In this clip from "Oprah's Lifeclass," Bishop T.D. Jakes steps in to help these feuding siblings understand the importance of family.

"You're speaking two different languages," Bishop Jakes tells Carrie and Casey. "Which happens in families all the time."

Casey admits she made a mistake by talking to her sister's ex, but thinks Carrie has forgotten all of the good things she's done to help her in the past.

"You're talking about what you did for her," Bishop Jakes says. "And you probably did do them. And you probably came through in a lot of ways and it's not about you not being a good person. [Carrie] is saying that her highest value isn't on performance, it is on taking her side in a storm."

"I get that," Casey says. "That makes sense."

What they can all agree on is that Carrie and Casey still love each other, or they wouldn't be at "Lifeclass" asking for help. "You both love each other or you wouldn't be angry," Bishop Jakes says. "You don't get angry with people you don't care about. Your anger is a picture of your love."

But by being angry, Bishop Jakes says they've lost sight of what's really important.

"You're being robbed of the gift of a sister," Bishop Jakes says. "Do you know what you lose when you lose a sister? Somebody who really loves you and has got you and understands you. We let too many people come in and tear down our family relationships. You've got to get your family relationship together."

Bishop Jakes says he doesn't think Casey meant to hurt her sister. "I think you're hurt that she's hurt and that you can't figure out how to get back," he says.

Carrie interrupts. "She didn't accidentally try to date my boyfriend," she says. "It wasn't like it was an accident."

"No," Bishop Jakes says. "It's not an accident. But it's not leukemia, either."

The audience applauds as Bishop Jakes puts the sister's argument into perspective.

"You cannot make these things mountains because then when the mountain does come, you don't have the strength to climb," he says. "This is not a mountain. It is a misunderstanding. You can't afford to fall out with her. That's your sister. That's your sister. Look at her. That's your sister. She shares your blood, your DNA, your philosophy. She knows your history. That's your sister. She is worth the fight to get it back. She is worth the fight to get it back. Climb over whatever you've got to climb over and get each other back."

"It's not about who's right and who's wrong," Bishop Jakes says. "This is not 'Judge Judy.' This is a 'Lifeclass.'"

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