09/28/2013 10:06 am ET

Best Tweets: What Women Said On Twitter This Week

Whether you watch "Breaking Bad" or not, you know that the past few episodes have been crazy -- at least if you spend any time on Twitter. As the series finale of the Emmy-winning show approaches (it's on Sunday), fans can't seem to stop discussing it. We won't include any spoiler-filled tweets below, though they're certainly out there, so beware. But it did feel appropriate to make the show our theme for the week.

"Some days it feels like we're all taking an ambitious graduate school course in Breaking Bad together, with a ton of required reading," Emily Nussbaum observed. Meanwhile, Kate Dwyer remarked on how excited people are about the show: "Telling friends where I'm at in Breaking Bad gives them this glimmer in their eye like a parent seeing Disneyland through their child's eyes." And Stephanie McMaster shared her dreams for the finale: "I hope Breaking Bad ends like Slumdog Millionaire, with all the characters coming together for a Bollywood dance number."

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Funniest Tweets From Women