09/28/2013 07:22 pm ET

High School Football Fight: Arsenal Tech, Fort Wayne South Players Coaches, Fans Brawl (VIDEO)

A high school football game between Arsenal Tech and Fort Wayne South exploded into a wild brawl on Friday night in Indianapolis. The melee broke out after a Fort Wayne South player tackled a Tech player during the third quarter, according to WISH-TV News 8.

The hit that instigated the fight appeared to be late as the Tech player had run out of bounds. The mayhem began with several players pushing and shoving but escalated as adults and eventually fans rushed into the scrum.

Indianapolis Public Schools police officers called in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police to bring the situation under control, reported The Indy Channel.

“It was crazy,” an IPS police officer told The Indianapolis Star. “The coaches and players were all on top of each other. The fans were running out.”

The game was stopped with 1:11 remaining in the third quarter, per FOX 59. Tech was leading 24-6.



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