09/28/2013 05:58 pm ET

Ref Run Over: South Alabama Running Back Cris Dinham Trucks Umpire (VIDEO)

In football, the umpire is generally positioned approximately five yards from the line of scrimmage on the defensive side of the ball. This member of the officiating crew is regularly in harm's way. In this case, harm was personified by South Alabama running back Cris Dinham.

With the Jaguars looking for a game-tying touchdown in the fourth quarter, Dinham mazed his way through the Tennessee defense. After starting to his right and then cutting upfield through a seam in the Vols' defense, Dinham found the umpire in his way. The umpire soon found himself on the turf at Neyland Stadium. After leveling the unlucky official, Dinham bounced out to his left and picked up a first down.

Tennessee would intercept South Alabama quarterback Ross Metheny at the goal line to hold on for the 31-24 win.

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