09/29/2013 08:39 am ET

Pippa Middleton Teases Wedding Plans: 'Maybe I'll Be A DIY Bride?'


The rumors that Pippa Middleton got engaged in secret several months ago appear to be untrue, seeing as we haven't even glimpsed of a ring on that tan finger. But the famous sis clearly has weddings on the mind. In her latest column for the Telegraph, on the subject of flower markets, Pippa teases, "Maybe I'll be a DIY bride?"

Dropping the "b" word is a bold move for Pippa, who has been dating her boyfriend, Nico Jackson, for around eight months. Things between Middleton and Jackson, a 35-year-old stockbroker, appear to be more serious compared to Pippa's previous dalliances, and chatter amid the British tabloids is that a Pippa wedding is coming sooner rather than later.

And when it does, it appears Pippa might be doing the flowers herself. The 30-year-old party planner writes in the Telegraph that she loves perusing the outdoor flower market for gorgeous blooms, interacting with "the always friendly and generally flirtatious traders." (Of course.)

Self-deprecatingly, she also lists her flower woes: "Why do my orchids keep dying and how can I prolong the life of the (sadly, infrequent) bouquets that land on my doorstep?"

Sounds like Nico better up his flower game. Read more from her latest Telegraph column here.

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