09/30/2013 12:39 pm ET

Brian Timothy Kada Jr. Carjacked Ambulance With Patient Still Inside: Cops

A Florida man stuck in a Pennsylvania traffic jam allegedly tried to speed things by jumping out of his taxi and carjacking an ambulance.

The incident happened Sept. 20 on the Schuylkill Expressway, when the suspect, Brian Timothy Kada Jr., jumped out of the taxi he was riding and ran up to an EMStar ambulance that was in front of the cab.

He allegedly brandished a shotgun and forced his way into the ambulance, which was carrying two medics and a patient on the way to a local hospital.

The medics jumped out and Kada took control of the vehicle, speeding on the shoulder, Pennsylvania State Police spokesman Cpl. Gerard McShea told

"He took over the ambulance and started riding on the shoulder," McShea said. "He clipped the mirror of another vehicle, and at some point, the rear tire became flattened."

Eyewitness Brian Perkins said he was forced to pull over to ensure his safety.

"It was pretty scary. He was weaving in and out of traffic, on a blowout tire riding on that rim," Perkins told WTSP-TV. "I thought he was going to flip over. He swerves, almost clips the front of the car. I notice a blown-out tire in the back, and smoke coming out from under the hood."

Kada drove the ambulance westbound on the expressway before it became disabled near City Avenue, CBS Philadelphia reported. The suspect fled the ambulance on foot and was taken into custody by police.

Kada has been charged with kidnapping, assault, and other related offenses.

The patient inside was unharmed and transported in a different ambulance to Roxborough Memorial Hospital, WPVI-TV reported.



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