09/30/2013 05:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

10 High School Problems That NEVER Go Away


Here's the thing about high school: it never really ends. Sure, you graduate and go to college and eventually get a job, but anyone who tells you that life will get less complicated when you get older... well, they're lying.

Here are 10 teen problems that will probably NEVER go away. Sorry, guys.

1. Recurring nightmares about showing up to an exam you didn't study for.

2. Unrequited crushes.

3. The angst that comes with trying to find people to sit with at lunch.

4. SUPER uncomfortable breakup texts.

5. Missing your alarm in the morning due to accidentally marathoning your favorite TV show all night.

6. Your parents treating you like a child.

7. Bad hair days.

8. Seriously awkward flirting IRL.

9. Gossiping about everyone you know despite your best efforts not to.

10. Stress pimples. Ugh.

OK. This list is admittedly kind of depressing. To prevent you from despairing completely, here are three good things that will stay the same throughout your adulthood!

1. Snow days will always be the BEST days.

2. Cereal for dinner will never stop being WORLD'S BIGGEST TREAT.

3. Sleeping in on the weekends. Always and forever.



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