09/30/2013 02:13 am ET

Joe And Teresa Guidice Talk About Their Fraud Indictment On Special 'Watch What Happens: Live' (VIDEO)

In an interesting twist Joe and Teresa Guidice appeared on "Watch What Happens: Live," and yet it wasn't live. The couple sat down for a pre-taped one-on-one interview with Andy Cohen to discuss the 39-count fraud indictment that's been brought against them. The couple faces 50 years behind bars for a number of charges.

In the interview, they basically played dumb. When asked if they had any idea this was coming, Joe said, "There was talks. We didn’t know exactly what was gonna happen.” He went on to say that he doesn't even know what half the charges are.

Teresa echoed Joe's sentiments by saying, "I don’t even understand those 39 counts." Later, though, she modified her statement saying, "Some of them I understand, and some of them I don’t.” Meanwhile, Joe said that he takes no responsibility for what's happened relating to the charges, while Teresa said, "I've done none of that".

The couple gave different answers to the same questions throughout the interview. Joe said he knew the IRS had been investigating them for a few years, while Teresa said she had no idea. Joe said he had no idea how many years they were facing behind bars -- his guess was 100 years -- while Teresa said she knew it was 50 because "that's what they say in the magazines."

There was one thing they did agree on, though. These charges only exist because the two are celebrities. According to People, they also claimed to have never lived beyond their means -- despite filing for bankruptcy a few years back -- and maintain that they are innocent. They pleaded not guilty.

Next up for the Guidices is an appearance on Sunday's reunion show for "The Real Housewives of New Jersey." After that, it's court in February 2014.

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