09/30/2013 02:14 am ET

'The Mentalist' Premiere: Patrick Jane's Greatest Fear Realized (VIDEO)

Red John appears to be making his move on "The Mentalist." After teasing Patrick Jane that he knew the list of Red John suspects -- and had for quite some time -- during last season's finale, Red John got Jane's attention in a big way with this season's premiere. Teresa Lisbon went to investigate something late in the episode, and stopped taking Jane's calls.

His face filled with relief when her phone finally picked up, but it was short-lived as the voice of Red John came through the line. "Sorry, Patrick. Teresa can’t come to the phone right now. Can I take a message?” When Jane failed to respond, Red John said, "No? Well, I’ll tell her you called," and disconnected the call.

What followed was a chilling scene of Red John rubbing blood on Teresa's unconscious face like some kind of twisted clown. Talk about a nightmare scenario for both Teresa and Jane!

TV Fanatic's Christine Orlando found the final sequence breathtaking -- in all the wrong ways. "Watching Jane's relief cross his face at finally getting a call back from Teresa and having it turn to horror was stomach churning. For six seasons this scenario has been his worst nightmare and now it's coming to life in front of him. Can Patrick save Teresa? What's Red John's plan?”

Creator Bruno Heller talked with TV Guide about Jane's mindset during that phone call. "That moment of realizing that he has put Lisbon (or Lisbon has put herself) in such great danger is also illuminating for him," Heller said "It's a quiet but stunning realization that she's not just a colleague, but someone he can't live without. And also it doubles down on his desire to kill the man that's done this.”

Lisbon's life hangs in the balance. How will Jane respond? Tune in to "The Mentalist" on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS to find out.

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