09/30/2013 04:51 pm ET Updated Oct 01, 2013

Tom Hanks Reveals Fate Of Hooch, When He Cries During 'Forrest Gump' & More In Reddit AMA

Tom Hanks is the best, and he proved it once again during a Reddit Ask Me Anything session on Monday afternoon.

"I'm that guy in movies that sometimes can be seen more than once," Hanks wrote at the start of the AMA. "In that I abhor self-promotion, I'll leave it to you guys to figure out what movies those are (hint: my next movie comes out Oct. 11 )." That film, "Captain Phillips," had its world premiere on Friday night at the New York Film Festival; Hanks is already being mentioned as an Oscar contender for his title role in the film. Whether he wins an Academy Award for Best Reddit AMA remains to be seen (that's not a category?), but Hanks' answers during the chat were succinct, illuminating and hilarious. His best responses below:

"What's your favorite movie you didn't act in?"
Hanks: "Recently, 'Looper.' And 'Das Boot' the director's cut."

"It is probably one of your lesser known movies, but just wanted to say that I watched 'That Thing You Do' countless times as a teenager."
Hanks: "It's the one movie I would love to make again."

"Please tell me your favorite piece of trivia from a movie shoot, preferably something we probably didn't know."
Hanks: "I had a terrible case of the flu shooting the football scenes in 'Gump.'"

"My question, how is Hooch doing?"
Hanks: "All the dogs who played hooch -- all four of them -- went to dog heaven."

"My question is, Do you have the real Wilson from 'Cast Away' or was it lost?"
Hanks: "I have the old, ratty wilson and sign new ones for charities."

"I have always wanted to know, how many tries did it take to play heart and soul/chopsticks on that huge piano?"
Hanks: "That took all afternoon ..."

"[In 'Forrest Gump'], do you ever get emotional about yours or others' performances, or the script? And I'm not talking about fake crying or anything."
Hanks: "When LT. Dan introduced Forrest to his wife, with his titanium legs, I burst into tears ..."

For the full Hanx treatment, head to Reddit.

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