10/02/2013 02:36 pm ET

80 Pounds Of Marijuana Found In Santa Cruz, Calif. Boat Wreck (VIDEO)

Some surfers found more than epic waves on a remote beach near Santa Cruz, Calif. on Monday.

After the surfers called to report a capsized boat on the beach, authorities discovered 80 pounds of packaged marijuana inside.

Investigators found the wrecked boat, four 20-pound packages of marijuana worth about $96,000 and several containers of gasoline, reported KTVU. No suspects have been found or identified.

According to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, authorities believe the boat came from Mexico to meet a pickup on the beach when rough surf overturned the 20-foot vessel.

Investigators also believe that the recovered marijuana was just the tip of the iceberg.

“These boats can hold a few thousand pounds of marijuana,” said Santa Cruz County sheriff’s deputy Ryan Kennedy to the Santa Cruz Sentinel. Kennedy said that smugglers would likely be transporting much more than 80 pounds to make it worth the trip. It was unclear whether the marijuana had been recovered or lost at sea.

Deputies said the find may have been related to a July bust at a nearby beach with a boat that contained $2.1 million worth of marijuana on board.

According to the local surf report, the waves coming into the Santa Cruz area beach were higher and rougher than normal.

“It’s a day for pretty experienced people; it was pretty good-sized waves,” said local surfer Dimitrious Nichols to KTVU. “Seems like doing what they were doing in a shore break like that was a real foolish idea. I think this time they found out the hard way.”

The Department of Homeland Security has since taken over the investigation.



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