10/02/2013 10:45 am ET Updated Oct 02, 2013

Rebel Wilson Talks 'Super Fun Night' Pilot, Compares It To 'Seinfeld'


It's no secret that the odds aren't exactly in Rebel Wilson's favor when it comes to her comedy "Super Fun Night."

Critics have panned the new ABC show before its premiere, so much so that the network decided to not air the original pilot. The Huffington Post TV critic Maureen Ryan wrote that Wilson's "innate awesomeness is almost entirely squandered" in "Super Fun Night."

Is it the fact that she ditched her awesome Australian accent? Is the premise of three friends -- Wilson's Kimmie Boubier being one of them -- hoping to lead more exciting lives just not strong enough?

In any case, the lovable "Bridesmaids" and "Pitch Perfect" star isn't concerned.

"I think with any show it just takes time," Wilson told HuffPost TV at Cosmo's Super Fun Night With Rebel Wilson in New York City. "Even 'Seinfeld' had such an interesting development. It went through a whole rough period, and then four episodes in they found their feet."

"We might not have hit it out of the park in the first episode, but we just finished filming episode seven, and I think people are going to be really shocked about what's down the line," she continued. "There are dramatic episodes, there are episodes where we sing and dance … there's a lot of really cool stuff down the pipeline. It's my first show in America, so it's probably always going to be a little bit wobbly, but I'm so proud. We're really doing really good work on set."

"Super Fun Night" premieres on Wednesday, October 2 at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC.

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