10/03/2013 12:53 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Are You Coming Out Late? Queer & Questioning Support For Adult Late Bloomers


Are You #ComingOut Late?

The very idea of coming out can seem unthinkable (or at least unmentionable) for people who aren’t teenagers anymore—people who don’t feel confident enough or ready to reach out. People who can’t hide behind the “it’s just a phase” mythology. Fear, guilt, confusion or “taboo” aspects of thought take center stage. Hesitancy to address queer or questioning thoughts seems to creep in around folks in their mid to late twenties, depending on their circumstances at the time.

Folks begin to establish a career, to take a serious look at their goals and relationships, or to set the idea in place that “people know them one way,” and that’s the way things will be or have to be. Add spiritual and community-related concerns in to the mix, and here you have another layer. Too, there could be an inability to articulate or figure out questions around gender. Soon enough, habits of avoidance and denial solidify.

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