10/03/2013 10:53 pm ET

Hawaii Parrots Know How To Party

There are a lot of things that bring people together. Food. Music. Sports. And in this case, parrots.

The Aloha Hawaiian Parrot Association meets once a month at Blaisdell Park on Oahu to talk bird. Everyone brings their pet parrots (and sometimes their dogs, and sometimes their parrots riding their dogs) and the scene is pretty much an avian free for all.

In one corner, we have a parrot biting its owner’s neck for attention. In another, a parrot drops coins into a piggy bank for treats.

They’re smart. They’re beautiful. They fit into a compact little cage you can put in your kitchen. So should you get one?

“I highly do not recommend it,” says Thea Marshall, owner of Peeka. They’re scary smart and want constant attention, she warns.

“You’ll end up with no computer keys, your wood furniture will have little nips,” warns Hoku’s mom, Lori Bennett.

But in this video recap of the latest AHPA meeting, produced by Honolulu magazine, another owner sits contentedly, enjoying little bird kisses from her parrot.

And Lori Bennett relents on her warnings. “I don’t know, they just get into your heart.”

For more about the parrot party, check out the October issue of Honolulu magazine.



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