10/03/2013 03:24 pm ET

Kevin Gill Accused Of Crashing Wedding In The Nude, Waving Lettuce

A couple in Lincoln, Neb., had a wedding on Sunday they won't forget -- although they probably wish they could.

That's because a naked man crashed the nuptials in order to wave lettuce, reported.

The alleged butt-baring buttinsky -- later identified as Kevin Gill -- stopped his truck outside of the church and started waving lettuce around, telling witnesses he wanted to feed the animals.

Police said the suspect drove 150 feet away in his truck, then came back.

This time, police say he he was stark naked when he exited his truck, reported.

When police arrived, they say Gill had left the scene by driving the wrong way on the street. He was arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure, the Columbus Telegram reported.