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10 Outfit Regrets Guaranteed To Make The Rest Of Your Day Awkward

Sometimes it feels like us girls are juggling so much -- and maybe it's because we actually are. Between work and kids, school and friends, we are constantly running and rushing around. And this hurried lifestyle sometimes results in us not really thinking through our outfit choices in the morning, resulting in "outfit regrets."

Yes, "outfit regrets" are the decisions we wish we hadn't made when we frantically got dressed in the morning. Read on to discover the biggest mistakes girls are making, and why tomorrow morning, before rushing out the door, it will really pay off to take a step back, and really think about making the most practical and best sartorial choice for the fabulous day ahead of you.

Regret #1: "I wish I had worn my comfortable shoes."
There's nothing worse than traipsing all around the city in heels and smiling at people through gritted teeth as you suffer through bleeding blisters all over your feet.

Regret #2: "I wish I wasn't carrying such a small bag."
Clutches are cool and cute, but what about when you're sitting there bored on the train? You can't fit a magazine or a Kindle in there, or your spare change of clothes (you never know where the night will take you).

Regret #3: "I wish I checked my outfit for stains."
Deodorant stains: Those long white streaks on dark clothes that miraculously seem to appear only once you're in public. Also, why is it impossible to remove them? Here's the thing: You need to take the time to air out those pits before you throw on that tight black dress. And don't forget to actually put deodorant on... lest you have some other stains that are colorless but sure do smell.

Regret #4: I wish I had worn the right underwear."
So much underwear, so many different ways to wear it. Let's be honest, thongs are just uncomfortable. But if you want to wear that super-tight thin cotton skirt, you gotta pay the price. Drop the granny panties, and throw on that thong.

Regret #5: "I wish I had worn a different bra."
Just like underwear, bras are tricky things. It's never good to wear a jet black bra with a see-through white shirt, or a bra with straps when you're wearing a thin tank top or a tube top. Check your top in the mirror with the lights on, and also think twice about that outfit you think doesn't require a bra at all...

Regret #6: "I wish I put some jewelry on."
You're at an event and you see a girl with an eye-catching statement necklace. You look the other direction and there's another girl with killer earrings. You look down at your outfit and there's no jewelry to be found. Stop wishing you didn't look so plain, and find the time in the morning to match up some appealing jewelry pieces with your outfit. You'll look fabulous from head to toe.

Regret #7: "I wish I had worn pants instead of a dress/skirt."
Here's a friendly tip: Take the time in the morning to check the weather, then dress accordingly. If the forecast says there's going to be some crazy gusts of wind, DON'T wear a billowy skirt or dress. Keep things secure in pants or shorts.

Regret #8: "I wish I waited for my nails to dry."
We've all been there: You decide to touch up your nails really quickly in the morning, you realize you're late for something and you rush out before your nails have completely dried. You look down at your hands, and everything is smudged. What a great start to the day. Next time, take some "me time" and put your busy life on hold.

Regret #9: "I wish I didn't hurry my makeup."
For a lot of girls, makeup is the last thing they do before they head out the door. That could be a huge mistake when you get to your destination and realize you are wearing the completely wrong shade of lipstick and your eyeliner is blatantly uneven.

Regret #10: "I wish I showered last night."
When you get home from a long day at work and you're so tired and stressed out, it can be easy to skip on a shower. But then you wake up late the next morning and end up having to put your dirty hair up in a messy bun. Find the time to treat yourself to a nice bath at the end of the day, or wake up early for a long relaxing shower.

Moral Of The Story: Take a deep breath and relax.
Give yourself a good amount of "me time" before you go out. Allow yourself to indulge in you, and take the time to really figure out what looks best and what will be the most comfortable. Keep Calm And Outfit On.

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