10/03/2013 12:25 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Scandal' Cast Plays Two Truths And A Lie About Season 3 Premiere


The cast of "Scandal" is famously tight-lipped about what's ahead on their smash hit drama ("Scandal" Season 3 premieres Thurs., Oct. 3 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC). However, at the red carpet for the unveiling of "Scandal"-themed Saks Fifth Avenue window displays in New York on Wednesday night, the cast was down to divulge some info in the form of a classic "getting to know you" game: Two truths and a lie.

kerry washington

"Oh! That's good. Two truths and a lie, and I won't tell you what's what? You'll learn a lot about Olivia Pope's past. [Laughs.] Olivia wears a bright primary color and Mellie wears ... oh, that's tricky. What do I say about that? And the Gladiators shock everyone. [Laughs.]"

josh malina

"You will see partial nudity from a character who has been fully clothed in the past. Either David or Abby will say the following: 'How about answering my calls?' And Scott Foley will earn a tremendous amount of money for uttering one word in an episode."

Since it was an event for "Scandal's" costumer Lyn Paolo, the stars were eager to discuss the clothes they get to wear, but they don't take them home. "A lot of actors do take [clothes] home. I'm not saying 'Scandal' actors, but I'm married to a costumer and I know that actors are egomaniacs, feel very self-entitled and are also kleptomaniacs. They're all sorts of maniacs," Malina said. "A lot of actors will take their clothes home as if it's a perk of the job. I'm here to speak on behalf of costumers to say that is not how it works, you cannot take your clothes home. That being said, the clothes we're provided on the show are beautiful, and were I one of those actors, there's lots of stuff I'd like to pinch. I have a lot of beautiful Hugo Boss suits this season."

katie lowes

"Oh shoot. Oh my god, I can't do this. I'm having an anxiety attack. OK, one of the lead characters dies. One of the lead characters falls in love with a guest star and one of the lead characters ... gets a terminally ill disease."

Don't fret, Lowes didn't get away without discussing Huckleberry Quinn. "Right now Huckleberry Quinn is in a very interesting area that may or may not be sexual and may or may not be tumultuous. It could go either way, but it's definitely not boring," she said. And about the big Season 3 premiere? "It's the best episode we've done."

huck scandal

"You're going to see Mellie, Olivia and the president in a scene together. You're going to see Huck have sex with Quinn and you're going to see Harrison hit someone on the show."


"Abby slaps David Rosen again. Olivia Pope has a sibling that we find out about. Oh dear, two truths and a lie? OK, [Laughs.] and the Gladiators do something really, really naughty and almost get fired by Olivia."

scott foley

"How about we do three lies? I could do three lies all day long. Jake and Fitz begin a relationship with one another. I die, but not Jake, which is weird. My wife's going to be like what the f--- are you saying? The third lie would be that David Rosen -- What could I do to f--- with Josh Malina? The third lie is that David Rosen really has hair. Does that make any sense? That wasn't a good one, but that's all I got."

shonda rhimes

"I'm not even going to play it!"

While Rhimes wouldn't play, she did spill some details. A little. "We introduced this thing at the end of the last season, which is Olivia says, 'Dad?', and I feel like that relationship is very specific and very different and very sort of brain-exploding, more than any of the relationships. I love the idea [fans] are going to get to see who Olivia is with her father."

While Washington didn't take home the Emmy at the 65th annual awards show, Rhimes said just having her nominated was "the most amazing thing in the world and I loved that."

"It was amazing to have her nominated, it was amazing to feel like that was the discussion, it was amazing in a world in which cable has become such a big deal to feel like our show was something people wanted to talk about and Kerry was somebody people wanted to talk about. It's wonderful," she said.

"Scandal" Season 3 premieres Thursday, Oct. 3 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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