10/03/2013 05:35 am ET Updated Oct 03, 2013

'The Bridge' Finale: Marco Makes A Decision That Could Damn Him (VIDEO)

David Tate was revealed as the killer on "The Bridge" a few weeks back. He killed Marco's son, absolutely shattering the Mexican detective. Now, on the season finale, Marco made a fateful decision. He went to Mexican crimelord Fausto, and asked for a favor.

“You have people inside the jails?” he asked Fausto. "If someone ... is protected ... in solitary...”

Fausto figured out who Marco was trying to target. "Ask it and it will be done, Marco," he promised. "I will have him killed for you.”

“No. I want to kill him myself," Marco said. Facilitating that is a much more daunting task. And this is how the season ended.

IGN's Jim McMahon isn't too excited about watching that storyline play out in Season 2. "After seeing this season hijacked by the silly Tate storyline I’d love to have the writers tackle a more complex take on grief, which they have already proved capable of doing with the deaths of Sonya’s sister, poor Deputy Stokes, and the immediate aftermath of Gus’s murder," he wrote. "Fingers crossed that Ruiz reconsiders this plan.”

Over at HitFix, Alan Sepinwall agreed, saying that the last thing the show needs is more David Tate. He even hoped that the creators would open Season 2 with Marco changing his mind and moving on to the more interesting case of the missing girls.

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