10/04/2013 12:41 pm ET

Marquell Smith, Ex-Marine Sergeant, Launches PAC To Rally Support For Gay Marriage In Illinois

Windy City Times/Matt Simonette

Story by Matt Simonette, courtesy Windy City Times:

A former marine sergeant who was kicked out of the military for being gay has formed his own political action committee to rally support for the passage of SB10. His group will concentrate mainly on building support in communities of color.

Marquell Smith said that being in the Marines had taught him the importance of sacrifice, and he hoped that his new PAC, Inclusive Community Project (ICP), would impart that relevance to members of the public who want to see same-sex marriage brought to Illinois.

At ICP's inaugural gathering Oct. 3 at the Sheraton hotel & Towers, 301 N. Water St., Smith said that when he was let go from the service under Don't Ask Don't Tell, he was offered an honorable discharge only if he promised not to fight the charges. But he refused to keep quiet about them.

"That meant I didn't get benefits. That means I can't get the GI Bill," Smith said.

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