10/04/2013 03:23 am ET Updated Oct 04, 2013

'Welcome To The Family' Premiere: Mike O'Malley, Ricardo Chavira Can't Stop Fighting (VIDEO)

With Kurt Hummel in New York on "Glee," his dad has a little time to moonlight in another series. Mike O'Malley stars alongside "Desperate Housewives" star Ricardo Chavira as two fathers who kind of hate one another in the premiere of "Welcome to the Family." But then, they discover that their children -- who have just graduated high school -- are having a baby together.

“Way to raise your daughter, man," Chavira's Miguel says after finding out.

“You’re saying this is my fault?” O'Malley's Dan asks.

“Look at Junior! We raised him right," Miguel insists. "Valedictorian, Stanford ... gonna be a scientist.”

“And Molly was going to ASU," Dan chimes in. "After which, well, there was some vague talk about the area of concert promotion.”

Shirley Li of Entertainment Weekly was disappointed, saying the show wasted its potential. "Miguel thinks Dan raised a reckless daughter who has ruined the bright future Junior could have had ... while Dan thinks Miguel spent too much of his time forcing his son to succeed, only making him careless enough to knock up Molly. That’s it -- that’s the argument," she wrote. "But the show ends up making the conflict seem petty and endless, because both Dan and Miguel say the same things to each other, along the lines of ‘What the hell kind of parenting is that?’ It’s the only angle the show tries.”

Ironically, Zap2It's Chris E. Hayner argued that the bickering dads is the reason to tune in. "The best material comes from O'Malley and Chavira, as the dads who simply cannot stand each other," he reasoned. "They disagree about everything they possibly can, even if it's just to do it ... ‘Welcome to the Family’ ... could easily grow into a strong show that sticks around for quite a while. That's all dependent on you giving it a chance, though.”

Love it or hate it, these dads will continue bickering on "Welcome to the Family" on Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

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