10/05/2013 11:51 am ET

Obama: Iran Talks Won't Lead To U.S. Taking A 'Bad Deal'


President Barack Obama discussed the U.S.' situation with Iran in a wide-ranging interview with the Associated Press, vowing that America would not take a "bad deal."

In comments published on Saturday, Obama said that Iran is at least "a year or more away" from building a nuclear weapon. The president added that those estimates are "more conservative" than ones assembled by Israel.

As for what that means with negotiations, Obama said the world must "test" whether new Iranian president Hassan Rouhani is serious about diplomacy. One week earlier, Obama announced that he spoke with Rouhani by phone, marking the first communication between leaders of the countries since the 1979 Iranian Revolution.

Obama also recognized Israel's reserve, telling the AP that if he were in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's position, he'd "be very wary as well of any kind of talk from the Iranians." In recent days, Netanyahu has stressed that Iran remains committed to destroying Israel, urging the U.S. not to let up on sanctions. The White House said Friday that those sanctions have been put at risk because of the U.S.' government shutdown.

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