10/05/2013 12:47 pm ET

Baby Otter Acts And Plays Just Like A Dog (VIDEO)

Question: What's cute, furry and acts just like a playful puppy?
Answer: A baby otter!

At least the particularly adorable and quirky baby otter in the video above posted by Jack Holmes does. For those who are curious, one helpful commenter on the video, Jessica Pitsch, identifies some of the behavior exhibited in the video with the following:

Granted there are dangers in petting wild animals...
Otters tend to act just like pet ferrets - This one isn't doing a "territorial display", ferrets do this same exact thing. Granted when ferrets do it, it's called "weasel war dance" it's how they play - so in fact it IS playing with her.
Another thing - the feet nipping, ferrets do that too, half the time I end up having to go out and buy "Apple Bitter" to keep my ferrets from going for my feet - since it gets REALLY annoying.

Now before everyone goes out and tries to find an otter to become their best friend in the whole entire world, you should know that this is a rare scenario that could have easily gone a different and worse way. In short, it's best to ooh and awwww over the adorable overload that is a playful baby otter from the safety of your computer.