10/07/2013 02:02 pm ET Updated Oct 07, 2013

HOW MANY Custom Cakes Does It Take To Welcome A Heat Baby? (PHOTOS)

When your dad is a two-time NBA champion for the top team in the nation, life is going to be good.

First there was this ridiculous image of Chris and Adrienne Bosh's baby Jackson chilling poolside during the #BoshFamilyWorldTour of Spain, India and Italy.

The couple's new baby girl is already being pampered to a life of luxury in utero with this weekend's over-the-top Parisian princess-themed baby shower.

There were ten cakes -- at least -- putting even Marie Antoinette to shame. They were gilded and bedazzled, topped with miniature gold Eiffel Towers, and covered in delicate petal designs.

Surrounding the nearly dozen custom-designed cakes were platefuls of donuts, cupcakes, macaroons, cake pops, chocolate-covered pretzels, and petit fours.

And the lavishness didn't stop at desserts.

Adrienne's guests, including Dwyane Wade's girlfriend actress Gabrielle Union, reportedly made their own perfumes and took home Neiman Marcus gift cards.

See below for Princess Bosh's cavity-inducing shower. Just how many custom cakes are too many for NBA royalty?

Adrienne Bosh's Baby Shower