10/07/2013 12:46 pm ET Updated Mar 04, 2014

Connie Britton Reveals What She'd Be Doing If She Wasn't An Actress

If Connie Britton wasn't busy ruling the world with her magical hair and playing powerhouse characters like Tami Taylor and Rayna James, you'd probably find her in a classroom.

In an Oct. 7 HuffPost Live segment, Britton told host Caitlyn Becker what she'd be doing if she wasn't acting. Turns out, she had a passion for education and writing during her younger years:

[I'd be] teaching school and writing English textbooks. Maybe grade school. I actually taught right when I got out of college, really briefly, and I remember always thinking -- cause I loved writing -- and I remember thinking that the English textbooks were really lame and I always wanted to write a really cool one.

Britton also had some poignant advice to share with her 25-year-old self: "Just keep exploring and don't be afraid of anything, because the more you know yourself, the more you'll be able to accomplish the things you want to accomplish."

Preach, Connie.

Head over to HuffPost Live to watch the whole segment.



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