10/07/2013 09:10 am ET

Hello Kitty Kitchen Appliances Are Taking Over (PHOTOS, VIDEO)


Hello Kitty, the adorable Japanese cartoon brought into the world by Sanrio, has been getting a lot of press lately. The biggest news of late is the introduction of Hello Kitty beer -- yes, I'm serious, and so is Sanrio. The company estimates that Hello Kitty branding is worth about $5 billion a year.

Hello Kitty has always been beloved in the food world, from starring in countless bento box lunches to getting a Futomaki sushi roll made in her likeness. Food and the world's most famous kitten (sorry, Lil' Bub) have always gotten along pretty well. This week, a press release popped up in our inboxes reminding us that it was almost Hello Kitty slow cooker season. We laughed, joked about Hello Kitty garbage cans and paper towel dispensers and then realized -- great Scott -- every single one of these things existed. Hello Kitty kitchen appliances are very, very real, and if you wanted to, you could furnish your entire kitchen with them.

Here are 20 ways to cook Hello Kitty. Wait -- that came out wrong.

Hello Kitty Kitchen Appliances

I know what you're thinking: "Calm down! Who cares if someone wants a really cute microwave, or an adorable ice cream maker? It's not like anyone would furnish their entire kitchen with this stuff!" Right? RIGHT?


So much pink. Please send help.

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