10/07/2013 03:10 pm ET

Sean Siegert Drunkenly Told Police He Was Peggy Hill Looking For Lost Girl Scouts: Cops

Hank Hill might have been a bit more believable, I tell you h'what.

An allegedly intoxicated Iowa man was found sitting in a creek earlier this year. When confronted by police, he claimed to be Peggy Hill, the boggle-playing know-it-all mother from "King of the Hill." Oh, and he apparently was searching for lost Girl Scouts that didn't exist, Press-Citizen reported.

Iowa City Sgt. Vicki Lalla said 18-year-old Sean M. Siegert was arrested last weekend on a warrant stemming from a Feb. 10 incident. Back then, police responded to Ralston Creek over reports that a man was crying for help.

When officers arrived, Siegert told police he was "Peggy Hill, from Arlington Texas," according to police.

Siegert, who police say was quite intoxicated, told officers he only wanted to help some Girl Scouts earn their merit badges, but lost the girls.

First responders successfully removed the man from the creek, and determined there were no lost Girl Scouts in the area, despite Siegert's pleas to keep looking.

Siegert was charged with public intoxication and taken to the hospital to receive medical treatment, but he wasn't arrested until eight months later. It's unclear what caused the delay.

"King of the Hill" followed beer-drinking, all-American family man Hank Hill as he spent 13 seasons dealing with everyone else's problems. It is inarguably the best show to ever be on television.



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