10/08/2013 02:55 pm ET

Andrea Mitchell To Rep. Sean Duffy: 'Thanks For The Advice' (VIDEO)

Andrea Mitchell and Rep. Sean Duffy had a heated debate about Obamacare on Tuesday.

They argued about Duffy's assertion that President Obama refuses to negotiate, and Mitchell said that the real issue was Americans not receiving benefits during the shutdown and not what Obama or members of Congress want.

"Why should members of Congress be in Obamacare and not the president?" Duffy said. "Explain that one."

Mitchell gave Duffy a stare that could have frozen a desert before saying, "I can't defend why the White House and Congress cannot figure out a way to reopen the government so that our kids and their families can get the benefits they deserve."

Later, Duffy told her that the real question should be why individuals cannot delay Obamacare for a year and why Obama is not enrolled in the exchange. "I think the media should start doing its job," he said.

"Thanks for the advice," Mitchell said, in a manner which made clear that there was nothing in the world she meant less sincerely.