10/08/2013 09:26 am ET

Brittle Recipes That Go Way Beyond Peanut (PHOTOS)

When it comes to brittle, it's likely that you have heard of peanut. It's also likely that you've tasted peanut brittle, and that upon doing so you fell in love with the crunchy and salty-sweet goodness that is this sweet. But what might not be quite as likely is that you've thought a bit outside the box and recognized that peanut brittle is far from being the only (or even necessarily the best) type of brittle out there.

The base of brittle is hardened, caramelized sugar -- something that goes well with fruits, pecans, bacon and everything in between. This versatility, along with the beauty of brittle's glass-like pieces, makes it a perfect dessert for parties, gifts, or just sweet snacking around the house. We found 14 incredible brittle recipes that go way beyond peanut, and they'll have you falling in love with the many ways of making this sugary treat.

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