10/08/2013 10:36 am ET Updated Oct 10, 2013

Brave Deli Owner Uses Machete To Thwart Gunman After Dodging Bullet (VIDEO)

Welcome to the Samurai Deli.

Police on Long Island released surveillance video Monday of a machete-wielding store clerk chasing off an armed robbery suspect.

Security footage shows the gunman enter the convenience store and aim a .22 caliber handgun at the unidentified store clerk, according to the Associated Press. The clerk -- ready for the moment -- whips out a machete from under the register and threatens the gunman.

Police said the gunman fired one bullet into the wall, according to CBS.

The video ends with the store clerk hot on the robber's tail as he scurries across the parking lot.

The Sept. 25 incident happened at a convenience store in Brentwood, N.Y.

The clerk got very lucky. We would recommend in a situation like this to comply with the person’s demands. The clerk, in this case, got extremely lucky,” Suffolk County Detective Lt. Kevin Beyrer told the New York Post.

That, or the brave store clerk has been watching far too many Saturday Night Live re-runs of John Belushi as Samurai Futaba.