10/08/2013 12:33 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Waterspout Spotted In Miami's Biscayne Bay (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Miamians regularly take severe weather in stride, but a waterspout off Biscayne Bay on Tuesday sent locals scrambling for smartphone photos as officials warned local boaters there may be more this afternoon.

The funnel was spotted east of Key Biscayne just after noon on Tuesday and was visible from Downtown and inland areas:

Though typically less strong than land tornados, waterspouts can be a serious hazard. Two Florida fisherman recently found this out after attempting to boat through a spout six miles off the Keys -- and then vowing to never do it again.

And Miamians can't be blamed for freaking out at the sight of a spout: a terrifying and extremely photogenic 1997 twister ripped from Little Havana across downtown, hopping the MacArthur Causeway and traveling up the Venetian Causeway and across Biscayne Bay before briefly touching down on Miami Beach before dissipating. The eight-miles-long "Great Miami Tornado" narrowly missed the city's skyscrapers but still injured 5 people. Check out archival coverage below: