10/09/2013 01:49 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Proof That Bridesmaids Aren't The Only Wedding Fashion Victims (PHOTO)

Bridesmaid dresses get a bad rap for being dated, unflattering and generally hideous. But the 'maids aren't the only wedding attendants who have to make some serious fashion sacrifices at the bride and groom's behest.

On Tuesday, Redditor Croyd_The_Sleeper posted an old photo of him and his sister, who served as the flower boy and girl at their cousin's wedding in 1974. "I just found one of Dad's old slides," he wrote. "And I couldn't believe the shirt I was wearing."

Wedding 1974

And frankly, neither can we. This kid's taking flower power to a whole new level.

Below, 11 inappropriate outfits people have actually worn to a wedding (illustrated with stock photos).

What NOT To Wear To A Wedding

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