10/09/2013 03:46 pm ET

Generous Diners Leave Waitress And Fellow Customers A Sweet Surprise (VIDEO)

This story is proof that one good deed can definitely lead to another.

On Saturday, a couple walked into the Golden Girls Restaurant in Clinton, Tennessee, ate, and asked their server, Shirley Carr, to do them a favor. After spotting an elderly mother and daughter across the way, the couple wanted to secretly pay the check for the two women.

[The husband] said, 'If you don't mind I'd like to have their check. I'd like to pay their bill but you have to promise not to tell who paid it'," Carr told WBIR-Clinton. "They paid the bill and left. Then, the woman asked me if she could pay her bill. I said, 'I'm sorry. I cannot give that to you. It has already been paid.' I thought she was going to cry."

It wasn't until Carr, a single mom to three boys, ended her shift that she realized the generous couple had left something for her, too: a $100 tip, the biggest tip ever given at Golden Girls Restaurant.

Watch the video above for more on this sweet story, then check out the slideshow below for even more random acts of kindness.

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