10/09/2013 10:36 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

One Line From The Koch Brothers' Letter Tells You All You Need To Know About Washington

Koch Industries sent a letter to the U.S. Senate on Wednesday insisting that the company was not involved in any ploy to shut down the government in efforts to defund Obamacare.

"Because several of you have asked what our position is on this issue, we want to set the record straight and correct this misinformation," the letter read.

Most people reading this article probably have not been contacted by U.S. senators inquiring about their take on the government shutdown -- so many senators, in fact, that it is easier to just reply to all of them at once.

Regardless of the non-position the Koch brothers laid out in the letter, they've made their distaste for Obamacare quite clear.

The letter argues that the Affordable Care Act will lower the standard of health care, and raise taxes. And, "because several of you have asked," Koch Industries provided several recommendations for Congress, calling for a reining-in of "rampant government spending" and a reduction of "cronyism." Yes, the Koch brothers are leery of cronyism.

As was reported Sunday by The New York Times, the Kochs have helped fund the months-long anti-Obamacare effort that led to the shutdown.

Read the full letter below:

Koch Industries Letter To Congress



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