10/09/2013 05:22 am ET Updated Oct 09, 2013

Sir Elton John Doesn't Have A Cell Phone, But He Does Skype His Kids On His iPad (VIDEO)

While everyone seems to be permanently attached to their cell phones, one celebrity proudly proclaimed that he doesn't carry one at all. Sir Elton John was a guest on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," where he surprised the tech-savvy host with this admission.

"My life is fabulous. I don’t have people ringing me two times a minute," John said. When Kimmel asked if he had someone following him around with a phone, John admitted that he did.

"That’s when you know you’re powerful," Kimmel said. "When you don’t even need to have a telephone.”

"I couldn’t bear to have a phone" John said. "And I just have an iPad for the kids and Skyping them when I’m not with them.”

So no phones, but plenty of iPads. John has one and his 2-year-old son Zachary has his own as well. But John isn't alone in avoiding certain aspects of modern technology. Celebrities like Karl Lagerfeld, Winona Ryder, Prince and George Clooney have all admitted to being unfamiliar with and uninterested in the Internet.

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