10/09/2013 08:44 am ET Updated Oct 10, 2013

186 Startups The Media Described With The Worst Tech Cliche Ever


The Groupon of bariatric surgery? Sure. The Pinterest of stainless steel bedpans? Ew, but all right. The Netflix of crabgrass preventers? I'm not sure how that's possible.

OK, the examples above don't really exist.

But all of these do:

The Warby Parker Of..
Cory Vines, the Warby Parker of activewear
Trymbl, the Warby Parker of beauty products
Bombas, the Warby Parker of socks
Commodity, the Warby Parker of perfume
Audicus, the Warby Parker of hearing aids
Lema21, the Warby Parker of Brazil
YBuy, the Warby Parker of gadgets
Soma, the Warby Parker of water filters
Poppin, the Warby Parker of office products
Beckett Simonen, the Warby Parker of shoes
Commonbond, the Warby Parker of student loans
True & Co., the Warby Parker of brassieres, the Warby Parker of design
Tomuno, the Warby Parker of yoga mats
Everlane, the Warby Parker of basics
Greats, the Warby Parker of sneakers
Occapi, the Warby Parker of high-end engagement rings
Indochino, the Warby Parker of suits

The Yelp Of..
Leafly, the Yelp of medical marijuana
G2 Crowd, the Yelp of business software
Glio, the Yelp of Brazil
CrowdsUnite, the Yelp of crowdfunding
Zodio, the Yelp of Southeast Asia
Jeeran, the Yelp of the Arab world
SolarReviews, the Yelp of the solar industry, the Yelp of personal finance
Qype, the Yelp of Europe
Pitching Notes, the Yelp of the PR industry
Tradesparency, the Yelp of manufacturers and wholesalers
ShowScoop, the Yelp of concert reviews
Thumbtack, the Yelp of local contractors, the Yelp of Thailand
Bizzy, the Yelp of today's mobile age
Byoutik, the Yelp of beauty
Glassdoor, the Yelp of corporations
WeddingWire, the Yelp of wedding planning
Consmr, the Yelp of packaged goods
ExRated, the Yelp of ruined, spiteful, failed relationships
Blogged, the Yelp of blog directories

The Netflix Of..
Mindsy, the Netflix of e-learning
Oyster, the Netflix of books
Pleygo, the Netflix of Legos
Twitch, the Netflix of the video game world
Anytime Fitness, the Netflix of gyms
Chillbaby, the Netflix of baby clothes
Surf Air, the Netflix of airlines
Apalya, the Netflix of India
Float, the Netflix of reading
FreshNeck, the Netflix of neckties
H. Bloom, the Netflix of Flowers
GolfRedefined, the Netflix of golf
Artify It, the Netflix of art
Card Gnome, the Netflix of greeting cards
Watch My Wrist, the Netflix of watches
LOLFlix, the Netflix of standup comedy
Tasting Room, the Netflix of wine
Bottlenotes, the Netflix of wine
Club W, the Netflix of wine
Toygaroo, the Netflix of toys
eBookFling, the Netflix of ebook lending
Fandor, the Netflix of independent films
LoveFilm, the Netflix of Europe
iROKOtv, the Netflix of Africa
Borrow It Bindaas, the Netflix of Indian fashion, the Netflix of Indian fashion
Concert Window, the Netflix of streaming shows
Lacquerous, the Netflix of nail polish
BenchPrep, the Netflix of online courses
Gaiam, the Netflix of wellness
Bookboard, the Netflix of kids' ebooks
Sproutkin, the Netflix of children's books
MoviePass, the Netflix of theaters
Deep Dyve, the Netflix of academic journals
Chegg, the Netflix of textbook rentals
GameTap, the Netflix of gaming
PlumGear, the Netflix of baby clothes
Fabgrabs, the Netflix of graphic novels
Youku Toudo, the Netflix of China
Gwynnie Bee, the Netflix for plus-size clothes
TurboVote, the Netflix of voting
yourBuddhi, the Netflix of yoga
RentaCase, the Netflix of cell phone cases
Silicon City, the Netflix of medical imaging
Bokeh Fire, the Netflix of camera lenses

The Groupon Of..
One Block Off The Grid, the Groupon of solar power
TripAlertz, the Groupon of travel
Jetsetter, the Groupon of luxury travel
SavingStar, the Groupon of groceries
Philanthroper, the Groupon of crowdsourced social giving
Triton, the Groupon of radio
The Fly Cut, the Groupon of black hair, the Groupon of sex toys
WeedMaps, the Groupon of pot
App-o-Day, the Groupon of apps
eDealdujour, the Groupon of online dating
Winestyr, the Groupon of online wine sales
Open Feint, the Groupon of mobile games
GroupPrice, the Groupon of small businesses
Lyft, the Groupon of P2P ride sharing
Graffly, the Groupon of affiliate offers
Private Media, the Groupon of porn, the Groupon of health-related deals
IndieGameStand, the Groupon of games
Rupu, the Groupon of Kenya
Zetu, the Groupon of Kenya
Crowd Seats, the Groupon of sports ticketing, the Groupon of the automotive world
Wedobo, the Groupon of weddings
HouseTipper, the Groupon of real estate
PhotoDough, the Groupon of photo deals
pokeAday, the Groupon of poker
JDeal, the Groupon of the Jewish world
Green Box Top, the Groupon of green
Efficiency 2.0, the Groupon of energy efficiency
Sourcebooks, the Groupon of books

(Take a bathroom break now if you need to.)

The YouTube Of..
Runnable, the YouTube of code
Magzter, the YouTube of magazines
Widbook, the YouTube of books
Twitch, the YouTube of the video game world
SoundCloud, the YouTube of audio
Volumental, the YouTube of 3D
Pixia, the YouTube of imagery intelligence, the YouTube of news articles
ProProfs, the YouTube of courses
Knoema, the YouTube of data
PresentationTube, the YouTube of video presentations
Graphicly, the YouTube of comics
Kanopy, the YouTube of education
VentureSocially, the YouTube of crowdfunding startups
Tongal, the YouTube of ad agencies
Opinsy, the YouTube of opinions

The Facebook Of..
Lockerdome, the Facebook of sports
The Football App, the Facebook of football
Brinqo, the Facebook of machine data for risk and security analytics
ResearchGate, the Facebook of science
Foodily, the Facebook of food
FoodHub, the Facebook of local food
Simple Energy, the Facebook of energy savings
VanityTrove, the Facebook of beauty
Ridejoy, the Facebook of ride sharing
BootyLog, the Facebook of sexy oversharing
Nextdoor, the Facebook of neighborhood watch groups
Rockmelt, the Facebook of web browsers
The Bridge, the Facebook of retail
MyDirectives, the Facebook of advance directives
RunKeeper, the Facebook of fitness
SkyBox, the Facebook of satellite photos
Black Atlas, the Facebook of black travelers
SumZero, the Facebook of Wall Street
Letterboxd, the Facebook of film
Govloop, the Facebook of government
Ozoshare, the Facebook of the green community
RentSocial, the Facebook of apartment hunting
Friendlylook, the Facebook of online dating
SparkPeople, the Facebook of dieting

The Pinterest Of..
Snoox, the Pinterest of recommendations
Riffle, the Pinterest of book discovery, the Pinterest of news
Houzz, the Pinterest of home design, the Pinterest of dating
Astoria Road, the Pinterest of wedding registries
Telly, the Pinterest of video
Chill, the Pinterest of video, the Pinterest of music
Learnist, the Pinterest of learning
Saambaa, the Pinterest of events
Wanderfly, the Pinterest of travel
StyleCaster, the Pinterest of style
Snatchly, the Pinterest of porn
Blekko, the Pinterest of search engines
WishClouds, the Pinterest of deals

The Instagram Of..
MatterRemix, the Instagram of 3D modeling and content creation
Studio, the Instagram of design
Figure 1, the Instagram of medicine
Pose, the Instagram of fashion
Polar, the Instagram of quick quizzes
Pick, the Instagram of Japan
YouVersion, the Instagram of bibles
Boobstagram, the Instagram of boobs
Photolettering, the Instagram of typography
Burst, the family-friendly Instagram of video
Magisto, the Instagram of video
SocialCam, the Instagram of video
Viddy, the Instagram of video
Instagram, the Instagram of video

Warby Parker, the Netflix of eyewear
Instagram, the YouTube of photos