10/09/2013 11:56 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Two-Faced Kitten Born In Brazil Is A Wonder (VIDEO)

Two heads may be better than one, but it seems the odds are against this two-faced kitten in Brazil.

A house cat in Balneário Camboriú gave birth to a rare kitty with two faces Monday after having a litter of four normal cats the night before, according to local reports.

The result of a cell division anomaly, two-faced kittens -- or Janus cats -- are often born with internal abnormalities, which drastically reduce their likelihood of surviving past the first few days.

two faced kitten

Earlier this year, another two-faced kitten was born in Oregon. At the time, a local veterinarian examined the animal, named Deucy, and determined the newborn's organs were intact. Though she was said to be in good condition, the two-faced kitten died two days after her birth.

A two-headed cat named Frankenlouie set the world record for oldest Janus cat when he turned 12 in 2011.

As Guarda-Sol reports, the kitten's owner, Clarice Santos, is seeking help to care for the two-faced kitty in the hopes of extending its life.

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