10/10/2013 01:58 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Elle's Women In Hollywood Issue Features Reese, Penelope, Shailene And Melissa

Elle has released its Women in Hollywood issue, featuring some of the most talked-about names in Tinseltown.

From comedic genius Melissa McCarthy to smoldering star Penelope Cruz, Elle chose some gorgeous ladies to grace the November covers. In the issue the actresses discuss their careers, stardom and much more.

Reese Witherspoon
reese elle
"I started noticing a couple years ago that I wasn't seeing women as the stars of movies. I'm seeing them as the guys' girlfriends, or so-and-so's wife. I just thought: God, if I don't start buckling down and start producing some movies, what's my daughter going to see in the movies?"

Penelope Cruz
penelope elle
"The concept of a 'star' will always sound foreign and surreal to me because growing up in my country, you're an actor, not a star."

Melissa McCarthy
melissa elle
"A lot of times, women have had all their tools taken away (in Hollywood comedies). It's like you're never inappropriate, you have the greatest job, you look great, your hair is amazing, and now go be funny. And it's like, with what? You have to fall down for us to want to watch you get back up. And it's like they never let you watch women fall down."

Shailene Woodley
shailene elle
"I'm so young, and I'm single, and I just want to drift. I'm just going to be a drifter. I want to do something totally different before Insurgent [the second film in the Divergent trilogy]. Maybe I'll work in a tea shop. Or live in Amsterdam. Or be a nanny. Life experience only helps us as actors. I need new experiences to draw upon."



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