10/11/2013 08:16 am ET

Jeremiah Brent Doesn't Believe In The Rules Of Design, Just The Principles


Jeremiah Brent is seriously making a name for himself in the world of interior design. Between owning his own firm, decorating fabulous homes for people like Rachel Zoe and, oh, being engaged to Nate Berkus, we're always on the look out for his very best decor tips. Luckily, People magazine sat down with Brent to find out some tricks of the trade.

His number one piece of advice for designing your home? Break all the rules, because not every space is going to look like a perfect Pinterest board. "So many times homeowners are paralyzed by the rules of design that are taught on television and seen in the magazines," he said. "The truth is that good design is not making your room look like page 32 of a catalogue. Paint a room black, mix different metals and different style aesthetics. Have fun!"

Brent does recommend following some principles, however, like investing money in timeless chairs, art, tables and lamps. These are pieces that can grow with you if you move from place to place.

Head over to People magazine for the full interview, and be sure to click through our slideshow to see Brent's latest design project.

Rita Hazan's Home

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